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It’s so simple! Hit the ball into the hole. Please don’t throw your clubs in the water if you miss. Don’t try to break your club over your knee-it hurts! And if you live in Florida watch out for giant alligators that walk around the course! Some people say golf comes from Rome or China. The modern game started in Scotland, and in 1764 the standard 18-hole golf course was created at St Andrews. The idea was simple. Hit a small ball a certain distance then try to hit it into a hole in the fewest number of shots. Thankfully it is easier to watch golf than to play it. Just check the golf schedule for all live golf streams.
Today professional golf is mostly organised around Tours. Top is the PGA Tour. Most members of the tour play between 20 and 30 tournaments in the season. The geography of the tour is determined by the weather. It starts in Hawaii in January and spends most of its first two months in California and Arizona during what is known as the "West Coast Swing" and then moves to the American Southeast for the "Southern Swing." Each swing culminates in a significant tour event. In April, tour events begin to drift north. The summer months are spent mainly in the Northeast and the Midwest, and in the fall (autumn) the tour heads south again. There are four major tournaments in a year. The Masters is played in April at Augusta National Golf Club. The winner is presented with the famous Green Jacket. The U.S Open is held in June at a different location each year. The Open Championship in July is played on a links course in the UK. In August is the PGA Championship played at various locations in the US.. These tournaments include the top rated players from all over the world
Another popular tour is the European Tour which attracts a substantial number of players from outside North America and ranks second to the PGA Tour in prestige. Other top men’s Tours include the Japan Golf Tour, the Asian Tour , the PGA Tour of Australasia and the Sunshine Tour.
There are a number of international events. The top and oldest competition is the Ryder Cup. Teams from the USA and Europe compete in a match play. It is held every 2 years. The Presidents Cup is also held every 2 years between the USA and an International team not including Europe.
Women's golf is getting more popular especially the LPGA Tour in the U.S , the U.S Women's Open, Women’s British Open and The Evian Championship.
Golf really is an international sport. In fact it is one of the only two sports played on the moon. Astronaut Al Shepard hit a one-handed swing with a six-iron. The other sport was the javelin. And did you know that in Japan many golfers have “hole-in-one” insurance. If they hit a hole-in-one it is a custom to throw a party and buy gifts for all their friends. Early golf balls were filled with feathers stuffed in a leather case. Other golf balls were made of wood!
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